3M Final Polishing Film, 2" Round 863X


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0.01 LBS

PFP 3M™ Final Polish Films consist of precision coated silica
on a polyester film. This long lived product produces high quality
that exceed Telecoria standards.
Ferrule/Connector End-Faces
PFP 3M™ Lapping Film 863X and 863XW (869X and
869XW with PSA) have a precision coated SiO2 mineral
coating on a polyester film used in the final step in fiber
optic connector polishing. Produces high quality connectors.
PFP 3M™ offers two products tailored for different
process requirements. Available with and without PSA
(Pressure Sensitive Adhesive).


Product Features

• Eliminates messy slurries
• Produces excellent surface finish
• Reduces overall process time
• Produces high connector yields
• Used on all polishing machines
• 865X Long life
• 865X Clean end faces and Minimal cleaning
• 865X Consistent fiber heights and Easy to identify working side