About Us

Precision Fiber Products, Inc. (PFP) is a global leader in interconnect components for Medical Fiber Optics. We are also experts in polishing, testing and measurement of Fiber Optic interconnect products for Telecom and Industrial Fiber Optics. With our facilities in the US, Mexico, and China, we are poised to continue our growth of offering high quality products at a reasonable price.


Through persistence and innovation, we have become known in the industry for our high quality products, excellent customer service and competitive pricing. We have earned the trust of over 1,000 global customers both large and small, each with a variety of unique and exacting requirements.

In 2019, we achieved ISO 9001:2015 Certification to continue demonstrating our commitment to providing the highest standards in quality and customer satisfaction. Our Global Manufacturing Team and friendly, professional staff look forward to the opportunity of living up to our name by meeting all your fiber optic needs with Precision Fiber Products.


●Developed Polishing System APC Line for Senko Advanced – Intellectual property transfer.

●Incorporated company and built R&D staff in San Jose, CA (Silicon Valley)


●Designed MM Interconnect Line of products



●Invested in Chinese factory for high quality  / low cost manufacturing of plastic and metal components



●Developed a line of products for Optogenetic Testing



●Built USA management team for global expansion



●Expanded manufacturing groups worldwide



●Expanded customer base worldwide



●Built Sales Marketing groups for global expansion of customer base



●Developed 100% concentricity and ID bore testing capability

Built Mexico Management team for low cost manufacturing to support ever growing global customer base.



●Invested in mexican factory in Rosarito Beach for high quality / low cost manufacturing of connectivity products.


●Expanded Warehouse / Distribution in San Diego CA

●Increased Mexican Manufacturing volumes to support the global market. 



●Added Executive offices in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

●Invested in China Factory to greatly improve our high quality / low cost manufacturing process.

●Achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification.



●Trademark approved for MT Spectacular and MPO Spectacular for our Global Marketing of 5G interconnect products

●Filed the provisional patent application for our MT Spectacular Polishing System

●Created a management team in India for Global Sales & Marketing

●Awarded 3M Distributorship for the Global Market

●Awarded Sticklers Distributorship for the Global Market.



●Applied for the final Global Patent for our MT Spectacular Polishing System

Created the Latin American Sales & Marketing Team.



●ISO Certification Renewal.



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