Fiber Optics in the Medical field

Posted by The Precision Fiber Products’ Team! on 6th Jun 2022

Fiber Optics in the Medical field

The marketing team at PFP is always looking for new and interesting news. Today we are investigating all the help given to us by the advances in fiber optics. It is not only a cable that is used for telecommunications, it is having a great effect on our lives, revolutionizing the world.

That's why I want to invite you to read this brief informative text.

There are diseases, tumors or cancers that are very difficult to detect, but fortunately there are the ultra-thin and flexible fibers, that are the thickness of one of our hairs, which can be introduced through small incisions. By directing these fibers through the internal ducts of the body, doctors can peek into the airways of the lungs, intestinal folds, heart cavities and many other spaces that were previously inaccessible, and this facilitates obtaining fast and reliable analysis!

As shown in the image:

Another breakthrough is that thanks to the emission of laser beams through fiber optics, gastroenterologists have cauterized blood vessels to stop intestinal bleeding. In the near future, fiber-optic instruments will make it possible to combine diagnosis with treatment. Think, for example, of the combination of methods for detecting cancer cells and methods for destroying them without damaging adjacent healthy tissue.

There is no doubt that fiber optics is the future in the medical field as well!

This knowledge is very valuable because at the end of the day our health is one of the most valuable things that we have and we must take care of it, especially in those times when our health is hanging on by a thread...

There is no doubt that fiber optic networks it is an important ally for medical field.