Cleaning Swabs & Sticks

Cleaning Swabs & Sticks


Here you'll find PFP's vast selection of Cleaning Swabs for Fiber Optic and general cleaning.
Choose from popular brands: Chemtronics, Techspray and Cletop.
Cleaning Swabs Include:
  • Stick Type
  • Splice Mirror
  • Foam
  • V-Groove & Ferrule
  • Chemswabs
  • Single-Tip Cotton Stick
  • Double-Tip Cotton Stick
  • Absorb-Tip Foam Swab
  • Super-Tip Foam Swab
  • Mini-Tip Foam Swab
  • Foam Arrow Tip Swab
  • Micro Foam Swab
  • Double-Tip Pointed Cotton Stick
  • Straight-Shaft Chamois Swab
  • Connector Cleaning Tips
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