Cletop Stick Type Connector Cleaners

Cletop Stick Type Connector Cleaners

CLETOP (Stick Type)

Type &*966;2.5mm / Type &*966;1.25mm

Type &*966;2.0mm / 2.5mm double ended Cleaning of connectors used in high definition television camera
  • Easy to use and efficient. Delivers a consistently high level of cleaning performance.
  • Easy to clean ferrule end-faces inside the plug-in fiber-optic connectors and various adapters
  • Lightweight and safe to use. Compact and disposable.
  • Suitable for cleaning inside adapters due to dust control.



Type Type 2.5mm Type 1.25mm Type 2.0mm Type 2.0/2.5mm
Part No. 8500-10-0024MZ


8500-10-0023MZ 8500-10-0030MZ
Cleans per stick Maintenance (for repair) 1 cleaning / piece
Connectors cleaned SC, SC2, FC, ST, DS MU, LC for connectors for high definition television camera
Dimension L (mm) 146 101 146 127
Packaging 200 pcs/set 200 pcs/set 200 pcs/set 100 pcs/set
Remarks - - - double ended


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