DataCom Connectors

PFP carries a full line of competitively priced IDEAL Coax and Twisted Pair Connectors, please contact us for pricing and details.




Coax Connectors:

    • OmniCONN™ F Connectors


    • RCA Compression Connectors


    • RG-6, RG-59 RTQ Compression Connectors


    • RG-11 Compression F-Connector


    • BNC Compression Connectors


    • Plenum Compression Connectors


    • RG-6, 6Q, 59 Push-on F-Connectors


    • RG-11 Push-on F-Connectors


    • BNC Coaxial Connectors


    • F-Type Coaxial Connectors


    • Mini Coax Connectors

Coax Connector Add-ons:

    • Short Sleeve Compression F-Connector Port Seals


    • Long Sleeve Compression F-Connector Port Seals


    • Twisted Pair Connectors:

        • CAT 6 Modular Plugs

        • TelCom Modular Plugs

        • Insulation Displacement Connectors

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DataCom Connectors
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