Fiber Epoxy and Application Accessories


Fiber Epoxy and Application Accessories Supplier

Precision Fiber Products is providing Epo-Tek Epoxy
Epoxy comes in a variety of sizes to fit your need of Fiber Epoxy use
  • Epoxy - 16oz bottle
  • Epoxy – 8oz bottle
  • Epoxy - 4g packet
  • Epoxy - 2g packet
Also featured is a Chemtronics Epoxy Application Syringe with a 900um Tip.

Looking for best quality of epoxy? You have come to the right place! The best epoxy and application accessories are being provided by no other than the industry’s leader in connectivity solutions. All our products are engineered to meet our customer’s requirements, who rely on us for nothing but the best. If you have any special requirement let us know and we will work on the possibility of getting it done.

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