Epoxy Curing Equipment

We can help you complete your fiber optic manufacturing process using our Fiber Optic Connector Curing Oven, Universal, MTP, MU/LC Oven Blocks along with Epoxy and Application Syringes. Find Epoxy and Epoxy Application Accessories at this link.

Featured Epoxy Curing Ovens are the 110VAC and 220VAC ovens.

At your convenience, epoxy comes in a variety of sizes in concordance with your epoxy needs.

Featured sizes:
    • 16oz bottle
    • 8oz bottle
    • 4g packet
    • 2g packet

Along with Epoxy, you can purchase a PFP Epoxy Application Syringe with a 900um tip which includes epoxy dispensers (needles) at a minimum of 5 per pack.

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Epoxy Curing Equipment
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