Fluke Networks PTNX8-VV-PRO Pocket Toner Voice & Video Pro Kit

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The Fluke PTNX8-VV-PRO Pocket Toner Voice & Video Pro Kit tests voice, data & video cable to detect open/short circuits, continuity plus voltage and is ideal for satellite, A/V, LAN, voice, security & fire, cable & telephone installers/technicians. It provides low-voltage circuit protection from 6V - 52V. The eight segment digital display gives 5 different test results. The PTNX8-VV-PRO kit includes a NX8 unit, toner, 8 ID caps, 66 block adapter, 8-RJ-11 adapters, RJ-45 adapter, Dial Tone Detective, alligator clips with RJ-11 & RJ-45 adapter, F-type RCA & BNC adapters, 1-AAA battery and a case.

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