Hybrid Mating Adapters

Here we offer Multimode and Singlemode SC, FC, ST and LC Fiber Optic Hybrid Mating Adapters. Each fiber optic hybrid adapter comes with a choice of ceramic zirconia mating sleeves or phosphor bronze straight split sleeves.

Precision Fiber Products offers you Hybrid Mating Adapters for sale directly on our website designed for SC, FC, ST and LC, Single mode and multi-mode connectors. We have adapters with female to female terminations that allows the union of the connectors to be precise. Also, we would like to highlight the hybrid design of our additional adapters that go from a male to a female, allowing the perfect union of patch cords with different connectors at the same time. Buying Hybrid Mating Adapters online may save you time and help you avoid any unnecessary additional connections, saving space and money. They come with a great variety of union covers made from ceramic zirconia or divided sleeves made of phosphorous bronze of great quality, providing the perfect alignment of the ferrules in the connectors.

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Hybrid Mating Adapters
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