Ideal Cutters


PFP carries the full line of competitively priced IDEAL Twisted Pair Cutters, Coax Cutters, and combination Coax/Twisted Pair Cutters, including the following:
  • Data T®-Cutters
  • Data T®-Cutters II
  • 100 Pair Cable Cutter for RG-174, RG-11 and Telephone Cable
  • Ratcheting Cable Cutters
  • Lever Snip Electrician Scissors
  • Economy Round Wire & Cable Cutter
  • Electrician's Scissors
  • Cable Splicing Knifes
  • Cable Splicing Kit
  • Coax Cutters
  • Center Conductor Cutters (3/16 Inch)
  • Battery Powered Cable Cutter
  • Cable Cutters for 2/0 and Smaller Cable
  • Fiber Cutters
  • Serrated Cutters (with Breaker Notch)


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