Krell One Port Polishing Micro Polisher


Krell Technologies Micro Polisher with One Port polishing, 2” Rubber polishing Pad Kit 
Provided with a rugged and waterproof Carrying case, AC Adapter. This polishing fixture exceeds Telcordia GR-326-CORE geometry requirements. All Krell Technology workholders feature independent suspension (IS) with optical alignment.

In the field, Rev™ can prep bare fibers before insertion into pre-polished connectors. Rev™ generated endfaces are more consistent than those obtained through traditional cleaving operations, yielding better attenuation and reflectance values. Likewise, prior to splicing, fibers can be polished rather than cleaved for superior loss performance. Having singlemode capabilities, Rev™ can polish and recover connectors to Telcordia geometry standards. Rev’s™ small, light-weight and portable packaging makes it an ideal accessory for field termination kits.

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