Krell Proton™ Field Polisher Base Unit


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Product Overview


Krell Technology's Proton™ Field Polisher Base Unit with AC Adapter and 9V Battery Operation.
Production performance is now available in field environments in the form of Proton. Though portable and battery operated, Proton consistently achieves singlemode UPC and APC finishes. Proton incorporates the same Independent Suspension (IS) and optically aligned workholder design found in Krellís mass production Scepter Polishing System.

Proton has been conceived for true hand-held operation. Connectors can be loaded, polishing pressure set and films changed-out without the need of a table, workbench or external support. Proton can polish connectors sideways and at most orientations, permitting access to cabling in the tight confines of wire closets, cross-connects and fiber nodes.

This unique design makes ProtonTM the ideal choice for all field networks such as Fiber to the Home/Premise (FTTX), shipboard/aircraft, CATV and LAN. Whether the application is a new installation, connector repair or even R&D efforts, ProtonTM provides the required performance.


  • Singlemode Performance
  • True Hand-Held Operation
  • UPC/APC Support
  • Battery/AC powering
  • Telecordia compliant



(No reviews yet) Write a Review