Krell Proton™ Universal UPC Workholder

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Proton™ Universal UPC Workholder for FC/SC/ST/LC/MU/SMA Connectors, Ferrules/Termini (1.25mm to 3.2mm dia.)
This workholder was designed with a precision v-groove mechanism. It supports all optical components with UPC ferrule diameters between 1.25mm and 3.2mm. This includes connectors such as SC/FC/ST/E2000/LC/MU/SMA, Mil-spec termini and contacts, and bare fiber adapters. Minimal capital investment in equipment yields maximum production flexibility. This Universal Workholder is compatible with Scepter™, SpecPro™, Rev™, and Proton™. All Krell Technology workholders feature independent suspension (IS) with optical alignment and are Telecordia compliant.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review