Loose Tube Fiber Cable

Loose Tube Fiber Cable

Our Dry Loose Tube Cable incorporates "dry water blocking" technology.
Eliminates the messy "icky pic" and the time consuming process of de-gel, speeding up installation. It comes with standard UV protection in riser and plenum rated constructions or rugged polyethylene jacket. Offered in a 2 thru 72 fiber count and color coded subunits makes the breakout process easy. Available in standard glass sizes as well as 10 gigabit Ethernet speeds makes this cable a perfect fit for backbone between buildings as well as inside building installations. UL 1651 and C22.2 No.232 listed for compliance.


  • Gel-Free water blocking design
  • Available in riser or plenum or PE
  • UV protected rugged jacket
  • Standard color coded buffer tube for ease of identity
  • 2 thru 72 fiber count
  • Available in all fiber types including 10 gigabit
  • UL 1651 and C22.2 No.232 listed for compliance


  • Between building backbone
  • Inside building installations
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