MicroCare Reflow Oven Cleaner, 5 gal

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MicroCare Reflow Oven Cleaner - 12 oz. Refillable Pump Spray Refillable Pump Spray 12 oz.
Reflow Oven Cleaner is an aggressive, nonflammable, slow-drying solvent designed especially to rid baked-on fluxes from inside wave solder machines and reflow ovens. This cleaner's overall operation becomes greatly increased when heated. This means the Reflow Oven Cleaner can use the heat of the oven or wave solder machine to warm itself, thereby assisting its cleaning power so flux residues resolve with little effort. Since most reflow ovens are already heated, using that latent heat makes the cleaning process quicker and with better results. When contrasted with flammable alcohol cleaners, Reflow Oven Cleaner cuts cleaning times in half while improving results.
This cleaner should be used as part of the regular upkeep program for your soldering systems. This cleaner dissolves the conveyor-clogging flux residues inside the ovens. The handy, adaptable pump spray makes cleaning effortless and fast. The solvent is safe on pallets, baffles, heating elements, clamps, chains, pulleys, drive gears and housings. Rinsing is never needed


(No reviews yet) Write a Review