Miller M14 Softy Work Mat - 14"x22"

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Miller M14 Softy Work Mat - 14"x22"

  • Protects delicate assemblies and expensive work surfaces
  • Cushioned surface protects delicate assemblies
  • Make small parts handling easier and quicker
  • Inexpensive and Disposable
  • Perfect for covering and preventing damage to expensive, permanent work surfaces
  • Anti-static and free from contamination
  • Depress easily to give tools a sure grip on parts
  • Backing is non-slip, even on smooth glass
  • Will not put carbon into the atmosphere
  • Can be cleaned with soap and water without affecting thier anti-static quality
  • Available only in mats 
  • Surface restivity 10-10 - 10-11 ohms/sq
  • Meets DOD-STD-1686 for anti-static material
  • Meets DOCFF1-70 test for flammability

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review