Miller No-Nik Fiber Optic Stripper

    • 22 different patented Miller No-Nik tools in size ranging from 102 to 1,372 microns, or choose from our selection of No-Nik Stripper kits

    • Accurate to -0 mm to +.0127 mm

    • Exclusive centering device positions fiber for precise scoring and removal of buffer coating

    • Razor-sharp blades score buffer without cutting through it

    • Color-coded, cushion-grip handles for quick identification

    • Plastic heads, which make contact only with the Buffer, center and support your work on both sides

    • Cutting blades made from razor quality steel score the Buffer completely

    • Back-up blades support the cutting blades, nest positively, and "lock up" when the tool is closed to maintain perfect concentricity

    • Buffer being removed acts as guide and protection for the fiber

    • Stripping blade diameter clearly market on plastic head

    • Arrow indicates direction pressure should be applied when stripping

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