Multimode (OM1 & OM2) MIC Non-Jacketed Color-coded

Multimode (OM1 & OM2) MIC Non-Jacketed Color-coded

Our Multimode MIC (Multifiber Indoor Cable) Distribution Pigtail Cable Assemblies are perfectly designed for high-volume applications. Choose from Riser, Plenum or un-jacketed fiber.

Start by choosing your cable type and then configure your connectors & cable length, and fiber breakout length.

Download MM (OM2) MIC Distribution Cable Assembly, Spec Sheet

Made with High Performance OM1 & OM2 Corning fiber
Corning © InfiniCor® 50um Optical Fiber, Spec Sheet 
Corning © InfiniCor® 62.5um Optical Fiber, Spec Sheet

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