OptiPop Reel Cleaner

Precision Fiber Products

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Product Overview

OptiPop Reel Cleaner

The NTT-AT Optipop Reel Cleaners are a new compact cassette-style cleaner now available from Precision Fiber Products, Inc.. The densely woven micro-fiber cloth cleaning system accommodates all single fiber connector type, MTP/MPO male and female connectors, and male and female MT-RJ connectors. The cloth and package design are engineered to offer cost and time savings compared to competitive cassette cleaners.

One squeeze of the OptiPop lever advances and releases the required amount of  cleaning fabric for each cleaning. This simple, effective design is essential for field or factory cleaning requirements

Manufactured by NTT-AT, the new cleaner has consistently outperformed competing cleaning technologies based on GR-2329 contamination testing requirements. The anti-static cloth material produces a clean fiber tip  and minimizes contaminant attraction. One cleaning produces .06kV of potential vs. .33kV for other dry cloth cleaners. The cleaning fabric is pre-washed and produces less than 70 pcs/CFM of particles > 1mm in size, making this system excellent for use in any production environment including clean rooms.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review