Paladin 1300 Series Crimper

The original interchangeable-die crimping system - all the rest are mere copies of the Paladin innovation. Paladin's Fiber Optic Crimper continues to be the answer for precision-crimping at an affordable price with 7 die sets available.

Featured Products:
  • Crimper (Frame Only)
  • SMA, SMB, SFR, ST, SC Type Die
  • SMA & FC Type Die
  • CrimpAll, SRF & SMF Type Die
  • CrimpAll, 3M SC/FC-3 Type Die Set
  • CrimpAll, FC/ST/SC/LC/SMA/MT-RJ Type Die
  • CrimpAll, Lucent Technologies ST II Type Die
  • CrimpAll, AMP SC Die Set
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