PFP 1310/1550 nm Single-Mode Radiation Hardened Fiber


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Product Overview

PFP 1310/1550 nm Single-Mode Radiation Hardened Fiber



This family of three different single-mode fibers is specifically designed for non-traditional data and telecom applications that use standard telecom wavelengths. Tactical fiber survives and transmits light even under extreme mechanical duress. The R1310-HTA operates identically to SMF-28? with improved radiation performance. It is also EMP immune and can withstand very high electrical field strengths. The pure silica core S1550-HTA fiber is also designed to be bend insensitive and withstand extreme pulsed and continuous ionizing radiation. All fibers in this series come with high proof strength, large Weibull modulus, and superior dynamic fatigue parameter to maintain high mechanical reliability (long lifetimes). To meet the challenges of the harsh tactical, avionics/aerospace, missile and UAV working environments, the fibers have high temperature acrylate as the standard coating.

* SMF-28 is a registered trademark of Corning, Inc.
  • Airframe, Spacecraft, Missile and UAV optical interconnects
  • Large bandwidth tactical cables
  • Miniature fiber optic packages
Features & Benefits
  • Exceptional uniformity and core/clad concentricity-Low connectorization losses
  • High proof test level, high Weibull modulus and high dynamic fatigue parameter-Long lifetimes in deployment conditions
  • High temperature coating-Survival in hostile environment
  • Bend insensitive versions-Survives application in tight confines
  • Rad resistant & rad hard versions-Useful in radiation environments

Optical Specifications

Operating Wavelength 1310-1620 nm
Mode Field Diameter 9.1 &*177; 1.0 µm @ 1310 nm
10.5 &*177; 1.0 µm @ 1550 nm
Second Mode Cut-Off 1250 &*177; 50 nm
Attenuation &*8804; 0.75 dB/km @ 1310 nm
&*8804; 0.5 dB/km @ 1550 nm
Core Numerical Aperture (nominal) 0.12

Geometrical & Mechanical Specifications

Clad Diameter 125.0 &*177; 1.0 µm
Coating Diameter 245 &*177; 15 µm
Core-Clad Concentricity < 0.5 µm
Coating/Clad Offset &*8804; 5 µm
Coating Material Dual Layer, High Temperature Acrylate
Core Type Step Index, Radiation Resistant
Operating Temperature -55 to +125 ∞C
Short-Term Bend Radius &*8805; 6 mm
Long-Term Bend Radius &*8805; 13 mm
Proof Test Level &*8805; 200 kpsi (1.4 GN/m≤)



Note: A re-spooling & cut fee of $30.00 is included for all lengths under the 100 meter spool size. To order an entire 100 meter spool please contact our Customer Service Department.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review