PFP 3M Flocked Aluminum Oxide Polishing Film(Sold in packs)

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Product Overview

Product Description

PFP 3M Polishing Films 291X are comprised of micron graded mineral that has been coated onto a fibrous (flocked) polyester film backing. Designed to break down into a slurry during use with water.

Applications: MT fiber optic connector polishing and wafer edge cleaning.

Key Advantages: 

• Better control of fiber protrusion
• Improved throughout
• Fewer rejects
• Elimination of slurry clean-up
• Reduced equipment maintenance costs

Backing: Flocked fibers on 2 mil polyester film

Converted Forms: 

• Sheets, Discs and Rolls
• Maximum width 22"

 Note: Sold in pack of 50's


(No reviews yet) Write a Review