PFP 3M Lapping Film Final Polish (Sold in packs)

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Product DescriptionPFP 3M Final Polish Films consist of precision coated silica on a polyester film. This long lived product produces high quality that exceed Telecoria standards. Ferrule/Connector End-Faces PFP 3MTM Lapping Film 863X and 863XW (869X and 869XW with PSA) have a precision coated SiO2 mineral coating on a polyester film used in the final step in fiber optic connector polishing. Produces high quality connectors. PFP 3M offers two products tailored for different process requirements. Available with and without PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive).


PFP 3MTM Lapping Film 863X (869X with PSA)

• Provides super fiber height control, but polishes more slowly than 863XW
• For use on most polishing machines and fixtures, including machines that run at higher speeds and higher pressures PFP 3MTM Lapping Film 863XW (869XW with PSA)
• Has a higher mineral content than 863X, making it more aggressive for faster polishing
• Designed for use on machines that run at lower speeds and lower pressures. Also for use on IPC (Individual Pressure Control) fixtures that allow connectors to float independently and allow lower machine pressure Applications

PFP 3MTM Lapping Film 865X
• Has a higher mineral content than 863X
• Designed for longer life
• Can be used for polishing small electronic, optical or misc part whore silica slurry is used

Key Features

• Eliminates messy slurries
• Produces excellent surface finish
• Reduces overall process time
• Produces high connector yields
• Used on all polishing machines
• 865X Long life
• 865X Clean end faces and Minimal cleaning
• 865X Consistent fiber heights and Easy to identify working side

Note: These are sold in packs

Part Number Package quantity
FP3M-5R-863X 50
863XW-403N 100
FP3M-4R-863XW 50
865X-503N 100
FP3M-2R-863X 50
FP3M-4R-863X 50
FP3M5R-869XW-PSA 25