PFP 400 Micron Core Power Delivery Fiber 22FA

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Product Overview

PFP's specialty multimode step-index fibers are designed for compatibility with the majority of fibercoupled, bar and stack diode-laser packages and support the diode laser power delivery market. These power delivery fibers are available in 400/440 and 400/480 core/clad ratios in low and high NA versions. The 400/480 has a low refractive index fluoroacrylate coating for added power confinement. Other fiber diameters are available upon request.

  • Fiber coupled diode lasers
  • Couplers and pump combiners
Features & Benefits
  • 0.12 and 0.22 NA - Compatible with majority of fiber-coupled, diode-laser packages
  • Exceptional geometric uniformity and core/clad concentricity - Ease of coupling to pump diodes

Optical Specifications

Operating Wavelength 800-1600 nm
Core Numerical Aperture 0.22 ± 0.02
Cladding Numerical Aperture (nominal) 0.46
OH Level Low

Geometrical & Mechanical Specifications

Core Diameter 400.0 ± 9.0 µm
Clad Diameter 480.0 ± 8.0 µm
Coating Diameter 640 ± 25 µm
Core-Clad Concentricity < 5.0 µm
Coating Material Low Index Polymer
Proof Test Level &*8805; 100 kpsi (0.7 GN/m≤)



Note: This item is sold in increments of 1 meter. A re-spooling & cut fee of $30.00 is included for all lengths under the 100 meter spool size. To order an entire 100 meter spool please contact our Customer Service Department.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review