PFP 405 nm Pure Silica Core Polarization Maintaining Fiber

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Product Overview

PFP 405 nm Pure Silica Core Polarization Maintaining Fiber



PFP's industry leading short wavelength pure silica core polarization maintaining fibers have superior waveguide, radiation, and mechanical properties, enabling a large variety of applications in diverse markets. High consistency and extreme end-to-end control of optical properties provide particular advantage in spectrographic and frequency sensitive applications. The pure silica core fiber is optimum for demanding applications in the UV and visible spectrum requiring ultra-low attenuation over longer lengths and where resistance to radiation-induced damage and color center formation are critical.

  • Laser pigtailing
  • Spectroscopy
  • Sensors
  • Bio-medical
  • Metrology
Features & Benefits
  • PANDA-style configuration - Superior optical performance, intrinsically good radiation performance
  • Tight specifications - Highly deterministic results, highest product yield
  • High proof test - Low risk of mechanical damage and failure
  • High fatigue failure resistance - Longest service life
  • Pure silica core - Resistance to radiation-induced damage and color center formation

Optical Specifications

Operating Wavelength (nominal) 400-500 nm
Mode Field Diameter 3.2 µm @ 405 nm
(1/e≤ fit - near field, nominal value)
3.5 &*177; 0.3 µm @ 460 nm (1/e≤ fit - near field)
Second Mode Cut-Off 365 &*177; 25 nm
Attenuation &*8804; 50 dB/km @ 405 nm
Beat Length (nominal) 1.8 mm @ 405 nm
Core Numerical Aperture (nominal) 0.12
Birefringence (nominal) 2.3 x 10-4

Geometrical & Mechanical Specifications

Clad Diameter 125.0 &*177; 1.0 µm
Coating Diameter 245 &*177; 15 µm
Core-Clad Concentricity < 0.5 µm
Coating/Clad Offset &*8804; 5 µm
Coating Material UV Cured, Dual Acrylate
Core Type Pure Silica
Operating Temperature -40 to +85 ∞C
Proof Test Level &*8805; 200 kpsi (1.4 GN/m≤)



Note: A re-spooling & cut fee of $30.00 is included for all lengths under the 100 meter spool size. To order an entire 100 meter spool please contact our Customer Service Department.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review