PFP 9001MT, 2 Part Epoxy - 2.5 Gram Packet

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Product Overview

PFP 9001 MT is a two part, room temperature curing adhesive designed specifically for use in MT and MTRJ connector assemblies. The blue color of this thixotropic adhesive allows for easy polishing. It produces low stress during cure, thereby eliminating fiber cracking in both single and multimode connectors. PFP 9001 MT is an excellent choice sealing and encapsulating small units where a strong bond to glass, ceramic, plastics or metals is required. It offers high impact, moisture and chemical resistance.

Downloadable PFP 9001 MT spec sheet

MSDS Sheets:
PFP 9001 MT Hardener MSDS sheet
PFP 9001 MT Resin MSDS sheet

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review