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PFP 9110LV Epoxy 8oz Bottles(part 2)

Precision Fiber Products Inc. Provides 9110LV is a crystal clear, low viscosity epoxy recommended for industrial adhesive, small potting and laminating applications where structural, mechanical and electrical properties are required. It’s low stress makes it the right choice for bonding PM fibers and Plastic Optical fibers (POF). It can be used for cryogenic applications down to 4°K and is the perfect choice for temperature cycling when bonding dissimilar substrates. This two-part adhesive exhibits good wetting, cures at room temperature and develops strong, low shrinkage bonds to most materials including optical fibers, glass ceramics, most metals and many rigid plastics. PFP 9110LV is a durable electrical insulator with good physical properties, plus resistance to water, weather, ozone and most chemicals.