PFP 9112, 2 Part Epoxy - 2.5 Gram Packet

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Product Overview

PFP 9112 is a blue, room temperature curing, optical connector adhesive with a long working life. It has been tested and qualified to MIL-A-24792A for fiber optic terminations. This low viscosity epoxy is an excellent choice for potting and sealing applications where good impact, moisture and chemical resistance are desired PFP 9112 is design ed to bond glass to metal, ceramic or plastic and will yield a very high Glass Transition temperature when heat cured thus minimizing pistoning during temperature cycling. This system produces very low stress making it an excellent choice for use in single and multimode connectors.

Downloadable PFP 9112 spec sheet

MSDS Sheets:
PFP 9112 Hardener MSDS sheet
PFP 9112 Resin MSDS sheet

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review