PFP 980/1550 nm Coupler Fiber

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Product Overview


PFP 980C-HP fiber is a high-performance, mid-NA fiber optimized for use by coupler manufacturers in the telecom industry. It features low, consistent splice and bend loss, and a design to minimize excess loss in the coupler. The fiber is produced with extremely tight second mode cut-off tolerance, and the high tensile strength critical for long-term reliability in tight bend radius applications. These high-performance specifications also result in improved production yields and reduced component manufacturer costs.
  • WDM pump/signal couplers for EDFAs
  • CATV couplers; Tap couplers
  • Bi-directional splitters and combiners
  • Ultra-compact components requiring small bend radii
Features & Benefits
  • Exceptional uniformity and core/clad concentricity-Low, consistent splice loss to telecom components
  • Extremely tight second mode cutoff tolerance-High yield coupler manufacturing
  • Higher proof test levels-Critical for long-term reliability in tight bend applications

Optical Specifications

Operating Wavelength 980-1600 nm
Mode Field Diameter 4.9 &*177; 0.3 µm @ 980 nm
7.7 &*177; 0.3 µm @ 1550 nm
Second Mode Cut-Off 930 &*177; 30 nm
Attenuation &*8804; 3 dB/km @ 980 nm
Core Numerical Aperture (nominal) 0.16
Bend Loss for 100 turns @ LTBR 0.001 dB @ 980 nm
Bend Radius for 0.05 dB per 100 Turns Much less than LTBR @ 980 nm (nominal)

Geometrical & Mechanical Specifications

Clad Diameter 125.0 &*177; 1.0 µm
Coating Diameter 245 &*177; 15 µm
Core-Clad Concentricity < 0.3 µm
Coating/Clad Offset &*8804; 5 µm
Fiber Non-Circularity &*8804; 2.0%
Coating Material UV Cured, Dual Acrylate
Operating Temperature -55 to +85 ∞C
Short-Term Bend Radius &*8805; 6 mm
Long-Term Bend Radius &*8805; 13 mm
Proof Test Level &*8805; 200 kpsi (1.4 GN/m≤)



Note: A re-spooling & cut fee of $30.00 is included for all lengths under the 100 meter spool size. To order an entire 100 meter spool please contact our Customer Service Department.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review