PFP CleanBlast HFE-Based Cleaning Fluid MCC-FCLP-SOL1

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Product Overview

Product Description

The PFP CLEANBLAST HFE-Based Cleaning Fluid is packaged specifically for use in the CLEANBLAST fiber end-face cleaning system. This fast drying solvent cleans dust, lint, polishing grit, oil, and fingerprints. Engineered to be a drop-in replacement. It is double filtered and packaged to allow the standard spill-resistant CLEANBLAST machine refill process, and contains enough solution for at least 8,000 cleaning cycles per refill. Compatible with all CLEANBLAST cleaning tips and suitable for cleaning SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, E2000 and MPO / MTP connectors. Leaves does not reside. Nonflammable and fast evaporating, this cleaning fluid ships as non hazardous / not regulated by all modes of transport, including air freight.

Product Features

• For use with CLEANBLAST fiber end-face cleaning systems.
• Cleans dust, lint, oil & grit from fiber end-face.
• High-purity, optic-grade cleaning solvent.
• Suitable for use with CLEANBLAST bench top and portable systems.
• Each refill bottle provides 8,000+ cleaning.
• Nonflammable.
• Leaves no residue.

Packaging: CLEANBLAST HFE-based Cleaning Fluid 7.61 oz - 225 ml



(No reviews yet) Write a Review