PFP Dome 48 Fiber Optical Splice Closure

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Product Overview

Product Description

Precision Fiber Products, Inc. provides Dome Fiber Optical Splice Closures. These products have allow two cables in and three cables out (with three stand-alone Cable Entry Ports and one oval cable entry port). It accommodates the splicing and branching of the cable which is used in aerial-hanger, wall-mounting or direct burial. The closure and the foundation plate are sealed with silicone material which fixes tightly, and the entry ports are sealed by heat shrink tubing.


• Aerial-hanger
• Wall-mounting
• Direct Burial

Transportation and Storage

1. The package of this product adapts to any transportation ways. Avoid collision, drop, direct shower
of rain & snow and insolation.
2. Storage Temperature Range: -40°C ~ +60°C



(No reviews yet) Write a Review