PFP Singlemode MT Ferrule

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Product Description

Precision Fiber Products offers PFP Multimode MT Ferrule 12 fiber Spectacular with 12 fiber holes. The ferrules are used in MPO/ MTP type connectors; however, they are also suitable for custom-designed passive or active fiber coupling packages. The connection precision is determined by the precise positioning of the ferrule and the precise outer diameter of the guide pin.

Product Features

• 12 Fibers per row

• 0.7mm guide pins; 4.6mm guide pin pitch

• High Density; fiber pitch: 0.25mm

• Highly glass filled for dimensional stability and stable environmental performance

• Low hygroscopic PPS material for stable environmental performance

• Low insertion loss optimized for 40G, 100G and 400G link applications

• Mold marks to indicate fiber type, fiber count and Performance


• Data centers • Telecom • Optical Equipment