PFP Splice Protector Sleeves FSP-R-40-4-N-S

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Product Description

PFP Splice protector sleeves FSP-R-40-4-N-S are designed to protect
splices in fibers with an outer diameter 3.5*1.65 or 4.0*1.7 mm. These fusion splice
protector sleeves are an economic solution that offers reliable and solid
protection for splice joints. An outer shrink tube holds the tube through which
the fiber is threaded as well as the strength member, a solid steel rod that
provides rigid support for the splice joint. This design not only provides a
replacement for the original fiber cable jacket, but also provides excellent
rigidity around the splice joint, preventing the spliced area from bending or
The clear outer tube of the splice protector sleeves allows the color of the
optical fiber itself to be seen. These sleeves come in two standard length
sizes of 40 and 60 mm. They cannot be cut due to the steel rod that provides
support for the splice joint.

Splice Protector Sleeves; Core: Quartz Material, 3.5*1.65 or 4.0*1.7 mm Outer diameter, 40 ± 0.5 mm length; Heat shrinkable: Low temperature pipe material, 4.5 ± 0.2 mm Inner Diameter, 0.25±0.05mm thickness, 40 ± 0.5 mm length; Hot melt pipe: EVA transparent material, 40 ± 0.5 mm length, 0.5±0.1mm Thickness; 4.5 ± 0.15 Outer diameter Shrinkage index after; The middle permed hair