PFP Sticklers Cassette CleanClicker (MPO cassette) MCC-CCWRC

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Product Description

PFP Sticklers Cassette CleanClicker (MPO cassette) cleans all standard single fiber connectors including SC duplex, LC duplex, FC, ST, E2000 connectors, and the female (no guide pins) MPO connectors. Cassette CleanClicker MT clean effectively by the cleaning ribbon the male (with guide pin) MPO connectors.

Product Features

  •  Micro-woven cleaning ribbon provides high absorbency of dirt, oil and grease while trapping dust particles
  •  The Lint-free cleaning ribbon cleans multiple end-faces before advancing saving 50% to 80%
  •  Ribbon advances without bunching up
  •  Disposable cassette cleaner with main body made from anti-static materials
  •  Compact size for easy handling
  •  Enables wet-dry cleaning, for the best results
  • Translucent housing makes it easy to see the remaining quantity of cleaning ribbon

Cleaning Applications

• Carrier Networks
• Enterprise Networks
• Cable Assembly Production
• R&D and Test Labs
• Network Installation Kits
• Use to clean SC, LC duplex, ST, FC, E2000 and female (no guide pins) MPO cable assemblies
• Use the PFP CleanClicker Cassette Cleaners on glass, ceramic and composite ferrule faces
• Clean male (with guide pins) MT ferrules
• Ideal for OSP and premises applications, enterprise applications, field installations, OEM assembly and in research labs.