PFP Sticklers Cleaning Adhesive and Gel Pen (MCC-SAGR)

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Product Description

The PFP Sticklers Adhesive & Gel Remover pen is ideal for removing label and ink markings during production of cable
assemblies and optical networking equipment. The fluid removes stickers, labels, ink, tape residue and other adhesives
during repair and relabeling projects. Excellent for removing buffer tube gel (i.e. icky-pic) from fibers of loose tube cables
during fiber prep.
Recommended for use in splicing trailers for outside plant construction and cable assembly production to prep fibers for
connectorization. Sturdy pen dispenser is produced from aluminum, recyclable material.

Product Features

Convenient pen dispenser quickly and safely removes adhesives, buffer tube gel (i.e. icky-pic) labels, tape residue, grease, oils and some inks.
Dispenses fluid when pressed onto a surface, ensuring fluid is always used effectively with no waste, spills or odors.
Ideal for datacom, enterprise centers and repair centers.