PFP Sticklers Cleaning wipes (MCC-OTXCK)

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Product Overview

Product Specifications


  • Optical-Grade High-Purity Cleaning Fluid MCC-OTX03M
  • Optical-Grade Lint-Free Wipes MCC-OTXW

Product Description

The PFP Sticklers OPTIXXTM precision lens & instrument screen cleaning kit contains all you need to quickly clean high precision optics, solar cells, laser hardware and scientific instruments that must be perfectly clean for maximum performance and safety. This compact cleaning kit is easy to transport and ideal for use in the laboratory, in the studio, in assembly lines and in field applications for safe cleaning of the most delicate optics and instruments, regardless of location.
Engineered for user convenience and real-world cleaning requirements requirements, each PFP Sticklers OPTIXX cleaning kit contains a no pressurized, hermetically sealed container of fast drying, nonhazardous, optical-grade cleaning fluid. Also included is one hundred, static dissipating optical-grade cleaning wipes in a specially engineered package that dispenses individual wipes with minimal handling. Safe on all surfaces, use PFP Sticklers OPTIXXTM cleaners to quickly and easily remove dust, oil, grime, pyrotechnic soot, moisture and similar environment generated contamination for perfectly clean precision lens and instruments 100% of the time.

Kit Contents

The PFP Sticklers OPTIXX precision lens & instrument screen cleaning kit is sold in case quantities of ten kits.
Each kit contains the following:

1 - PFP Sticklers OPTIXX optical-grade high-purity cleaning fluid
Hermetically sealed, no pressurized, nonflammable. Metered volume dispensing for economy of use and consistently best performance.

100 - PFP Sticklers OPTIXX optical-grade, lint-free wipes
Static dissipating, non tearing and nonabrasive. Dispensed individually from a specially engineered package to
ensure consistent wipe cleanliness at the point of use.

Product Features

Use on high-precision optical lenses, mirrors, prisms, solar cells, laser hardware and scientific instruments.
Cleans dust, oil and grime, pyrotechnic soot moisture from glass, metals, plastic and coatings.
Eliminates “static cling” that attracts dust.
Non-aerosol pump ships anywhere as “non-hazardous/not regulated”.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review