PFP Sticklers CleanStixx - 1.2 mm EB Connector Cleaning Sticks

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Product Overview

Product Description

PFP Sticklers EB Cleaning Swabs are the premier cleaning stick in the industry. They ensure EB networks deliver fast, reliable, and consistent data speeds. Also, they feature a non-contact technique where the fiber is sealed behind a lens. This design minimizes back reflection or insertion losses.

Product Features

• Patented sintered polymer fibers for consistent, high-purity cleaning
• Ultra clean construction- does not contain fabric, foam or glue
• Precisely molded to clean the entire end face
• EB cleaning swabs are perfect for 1.2mm and larger connectors
• Uses a porous, thermally-sintered polymer tip mounted in a sturdy plastic handle
• Saddle shaped cleaning tip conforms to lens and ferrule end face and perfectly fits over the lens of the EB connector
• Come in high-purity self-sealing bags




(No reviews yet) Write a Review