PFP Sticklers CleanWipes 3200 Fiber Optic Cleaning Wipes MCC-WCS800


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Product Overview


As an authorized distributor for Sticklers we adhere strictly to the terms and conditions set forth by the company, which includes compliance with their specified lead times and product availability. For future orders, please take into consideration that all Sticklers products have individual MOQs and that all orders must meet a minimum purchase value of $1,000.00 USD. Please note that the lead times for orders are determined by Sticklers and will be communicated accordingly.



Product Description

The PFP Sticklers CleanWipes fiber optic cleaning wipes are high quality optical grade wipes engineered for cleaning fiber prior to splicing, or for cleaning fiber optic jumpers and connector plugs.
These wipes make cleaning virtually any kind of connector fast, reliable and affordable. They are engineered to be used with the Sticklers Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner fluid (#MCC- POC03M) for perfect cleaning results.
The wipes are a static dissipating high modulus fabric that resists shredding even when cleaning LC connectors. Using the PFP Sticklers CleanSwipe slots they quickly lift away fingerprints, oils, grime, polishing compound, dust and lint. Multifunctional, they are ideal for cleaning bare fiber and fiber optic connector end-faces, as well as lenses, mirrors, diffraction gratings, prisms and test equipment.
The PFP Sticklers CleanWipes 3200 fiber optic cleaning wipes is perfect for high-volume, high-speed cleaning required by OEMs making patch cords and jumpers. Experts recommend each connector and every splice be cleaned during installation, maintenance and reconfiguration —even if a jumper is factory-new.

Product Features

• PFP CleanSwipe slots for fast, perfect cleans
• PFP CleanSwipe slots are “color clean” coded for usage control
• Super Simple - Super Fast - Super Value
• No touch, No rip, No shredding
• High-modulus wipes won’t scratch end-faces
• Exclusive static dissipating cleaning surface eliminates static and re-cleaning


• 3,200 Cleans/Box, 4 Boxes/Case 400 Cleans/Box, 12 Boxes/Case MCC-WCS800




(No reviews yet) Write a Review