PFP Sticklers CleanWipes Optical Grade Cleaning Wipes MCC-WCS100

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Product Overview

PFP Sticklers CleanWipes Optical Grade Cleaning Wipes 100 Wipes / 600+ Cleans. Color-Coded slots provide six clean end-faces per wipe. Slots are spaced to clean simplex and duplex connectors with a single pass.

Product Features

• Super-soft, streak-free, and lint-free optical grade wipes for cleaning a variety of connector types including: LC, SC, ST, FC, E2000 and female (no guide pin) MPO connectors
• Sticklers CleanWipes are ready to use and require no set up or assembly
• Designed to clean 600 connector end-faces or 100 bare fibers for fusion splicing

• Six color-coded CleanSwipe slots prevent accidental cross- contamination with multiple connector end-faces

• Electrostatic dissipative cleaning surfaces prevent charging when wiping connector end-faces
• Compact size for easy handling and operator use
• The tech never touches the wipe and never re-uses the wipe to reduce cross-contamination
• High absorbency.

Typical Cleaning Applications

• Carrier Networks • Enterprise Networks • Cable Assembly Production • R&D and Test Labs • Network Installation Kits • Cable Assembly Production.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review