PFP Sticklers Optical Mechanical 600 Clicker MCC-CCMPO

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Product Description

PFP Sticklers Optical Mechanical 600 Clicker. This rugged precision cleaner uses a smooth click-to- clean push-action, with light contact force to reduce the risk of end-face damage. With 600+ cleans, it is perfect for cleaning MPO connectors in high density network applications such as data centres, FTTH and central offices. Engineered for MPO and MTP multifibre connectors, it cleans flat polished multimode and angled single mode connectors.

Product Features

• Easy-to-use on data center & high density optical networks
• Cleans dust particulate & oil contamination
• 600+ cleanings for lowest cost-per-clean
• Fast click-to-clean MPO & MTPTM connectors in adapters, cassettes and trunk assemblies
• Cleans both male (with guide pins) MT ferrules and female (no guide pins) MT ferrules

• Adapter set available for use with CommScope

Find Adapter Set here: PFP Sticklers MPO Clean Clicker Adapter Set (M/F) MCC-CCMPO-A