PFP Sticklers Optical Wipes Plastic Box MCC-WCS640

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Product Overview

Product Features

• Eight cleaning slots on the top of the box enables techs to perform multiple cleanings on the same piece of fabric         without re-using any portion of the wipe.
• Cleaning slots are color-coded using the TIA-598-D color scheme to prevent accidental cross contamination with multiple connector end-faces.
• The PFP Sticklers clean Wipes are Lint-free optical grade wipes. Their Slots are spaced for SC and LC duplex connectors (Simplex, Duplex, ST, FC & MPO connectors)
• Cleaning slots feature closer spacing so the tool cleans both duplex connector end-faces simultaneously.
• The inner box has a static-dissipative lining which eliminates any static on the end-faces prevent charging when wiping connector end-faces.
• Very strong modulus fabric wipes - resist shredding and tearing, even on LC connector end-faces
• Premium super-soft, streak-free, and lint-free wipes clean dust, dirt, fingerprints and moisture in a single pass.
• Smooth, white wipe.
• No glues, bleach or cellulose to re-deposit onto an end-face.
• Cleans bare fibers prior to cleaving & splicing.
• Designed to clean 640 connector end-faces or
• 100 bare fibers for fusion splicing.

Typical Cleaning Applications

• Ideal for cleaning bare fiber and fiber optic connector end-faces.
• Makes wet/dry cleaning simple with the PFP Sticklers Fiber Optic -Splice & Connector Cleaner Fluid.
• Carrier Networks.
• Enterprise Networks.
• Cable Assembly Production.
• Network Installation Kits.
• R&D and Test Labs.


  • 80 Wipes / 640+ Clean.
  • 12 Clean Wipes Boxes/Case.





(No reviews yet) Write a Review