PFP Sticklers Presaturated Optical Wipes 443 mls. MCC-SMSCW-X

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Product Overview

Product Description

Presaturated Wipes 443 mls. fluid content. PFP Sticklers MultiTask Surface Cleaner presaturated wipes quickly and effectively remove construction dust, fingerprints, grime, metal or plastic particulate, insulation residue, lint, waterproofing gels, oil, grease and some inks.
Disposable fabric wipes provide quick, lint-free cleaning. The wipes are saturated with a mix of high-purity isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and deionized water for versatile cleaning with excellent material compatibility. Wipes are packaged in a durable, re-usable, self-closing plastic tub. Each wipe is 5” x 8”. Each tub or refill package contains 100 wipes.

Product Features

Strong lint-free fabric wipes won't shred, lint or pill—ideal for pre-cleaning.
• Removes fingerprints, grime, dust, lint, waterproofing gels, oils and grease from cabinets and equipment in fiber optic and networking environment
• Water and high-purity alcohol for safe cleaning
• Economical cleaning with money-saving refills

• Unique “slam-shut” package for extra long service life
• Unlimited shelf-life Packaging


• Presaturated Wipes 443 mls. fluid content 100 - 5" x 8" Wipes



(No reviews yet) Write a Review