Polishing Equipment

Polishing Equipment

Fiber Optic Polishing Equipment

Precision Fiber Products offers customers only the highest quality polishing equipment available. Our wide and expanding selection of polishing equipment is versatile for any application. You can find hand polishing kits, Krell polishing systems, and much more below.

Precision Fiber Products, Inc. is dedicated to providing the best for our clients that is why we supply high quality polishing machines. Our wide and growing selection of polishing equipmentis versatile to any application, these have been designed to have automatic micro-feeding, the elimination of epoxy and polishing of uncoated fibers. Some of our Polishing Machines for Sale are not only able to polish but they can recover connectors to the Telcordia’s geometry standards.The packaging is small, light and portable. Revís™ makes it an ideal accessory for field termination kits, thus avoiding having to assemble large equipment. Likewise, you can find polishing kits with everything you need to achieve perfect polishing and finishing, you will also find manuals, Krell’s polishing systems and much more

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