Lapping Film/Polishing Film for Fiber Optics

Lapping Film/Polishing Film for Fiber Optics

Precision Fiber Products, Inc. offers precision abrasives that produce very consistent finishes. Our Polishing/Lapping Film is designed to provide greater finishing efficiency which translates into higher yield reducing production cost. Ideal for polishing Fiber Optic Connector Ferrules. Choose film in either Non-PSA or PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) backings.

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Precision Fiber Products, Inc. offers a great variety of precision abrasives that produce consistent finishes. Our Polishing Films and laminates are designed to provide a more efficient and precise finish on ferrules, which allows a higher performance and reduce production costs. Our Polishing Films are ideal to polish ferrules for Fiber Optic Connectors. We have a great variety of widths to ensure a good finish and avoid marked or defective products. We also offer different sizes and durometers in Polishing Rubbers, this to have a better consistency in the polishing. You may choose between a non-PSA or PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) on these. You may buy Lapping Films online, which are available in different materials:

Minerals available: Diamond, Diamond Type H, Silicon Carbide, Silicon Carbide Flocked, Calcined Alumina, Aluminum Oxide, Aluminum Oxide Flocked, Cerium Oxide, Silicon Oxide (Final Polish), Cleaning Felt 

Available sizes: 4.5 X 4.5" Sheets, 3 X 6" Sheets, 6 X 6" Sheets, 6 X 6" Sheets -PSA, MT 6 X 6" Sheets, 9 X 13" Sheets, 9 X 6.5" Sheets, 9 X 11" Sheets, 8.5 X 11" Sheets, 2" Discs -PSA, 4" Discs, 4" Discs -PSA, 4.3" Discs, 4.3" Discs -PSA, 5" Discs, 5" Discs -PSA, MT 5" Discs, MT 5" Discs -PSA

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