Replacement Part for M1-46097, Miller CCT2001 Continuity Tester Set

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Miller CCT2001 Continuity Tester Set

  • The Miller Fiber Continuity Tester provides you with a high intensity, long-lasting red LED light source that transmits light instantly and accurately down the fiber.
  • Compatible with both singlemode and multimode fiber, it can achieve a test distance of up to 2km in multimode fiber testing. This handy continuity tester tests almost all types of connectors including ST, FC, SC, LC, or MT-RJ connectors. It comes complete with one each 1.25mm Universal, 2.5mm Universal and MT-RJ style adapters, and three each AG3 or LR41 batteries, a key ring and instructions.
  • Adapters are interchangeable and the lamp is replaceable. This fiber optic continuity tester is designed for field use and provides a simple inexpensive check of fiber continuity.
  • Operation is simple. Just select the appropriate adapter and screw it into the head of the tester. Turn the tester on by rotating the adapter in a counter-clockwise direction 90 degrees. Gently insert the ferrule of the connector into the adapter. Red light visible at the far end of the fiber verifies continuity
  • Testing distance may vary depending upon fiber characteristics.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review