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How to remove Bubbles from Epoxy?

Removing bubbles ensures optimal adhesive performance by providing a good continuous bond. Heat is a simple and efficient way to remove bubbles from epoxy. The key to this technique is to keep the product in a wide container that has large amounts of epoxy in the X and Y dimension, but little in the Z dimension. This gives the maximum amount of surface area for the bubbles to escape. This method should only be used for epoxy in an open container. The wide container should be placed into an oven that has been pre-heated to 35°C - 40°C for approximately ten minutes. If there are still large amounts of bubbles in the epoxy, the product can be kept in the oven a bit longer. Be sure to keep track of the pot life of the product and remember that heat can act as a catalyst and speed up the cure. Sometimes it is necessary to lightly brush the top surface of the material with a spatula to break the surface tension on any bubbles that are not able to get to the surface easily