Single Mode Fiber Connectors

Precision Fiber Products is proud to to offer our selection of Singlemode Fiber Optic Connectors. We provide Single-mode Fiber Optic Connectors in various styles including Mini Connectors.

Featured Connectors

  • LC, UPC
  • LC, Duplex
  • LC/APC
  • MT-RJ
  • SC/APC, Cone & Step
  • MU
  • SC, Pre-Domed

  • ST
  • FC, Pre-Domed
  • FC/APC, Cone & Step
  • SMA 905
  • Mini FC/APC, Step
  • Mini FC/APC, Cone
  • Mini FC/UPC, Dome

Browse our standard selection for your application. Cant find your application? Just ask, our design team can offer custom designs to meet your specification requirements.


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