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Precision Fiber Products is proud to to offer our selection of Singlemode Fiber Optic Connectors. We provide Single-mode Fiber Optic Connectors in various styles including Mini Connectors.

Browse our standard selection for your application. Cant find your application? Just ask, our design team can offer custom designs to meet your specification requirements.

PFP brings you one of the most extensive selections of Single mode Fiber Optic Connectors in all possible styles, including Mini Connectors. Perfect for all types of single-mode fiber cables based network, these connectors simplify connectivity between all existing cables. Our range of LC, FC and ST Fiber connectors work to allow their users to join numerous fibers with each other so that the connection and disconnection of wires gets easier, if necessary. For a quick installation, you will need to place these connectors at the end of the cables where the will align and combine the fibers cores to allow a better pathway for the light to pass through. These connectors are essentials when you need to eliminate splicing of wires - a very tedious and time consuming process especially at places where connection and disconnection of cables takes place frequently. Single mode cables are quite small as compared to their multimode counterparts and are able to transmit data up to a distance of 40 miles at a bandwidth of 1GBps. Our mere aim is to provide our customers with high quality, cost effectiveness, easy to manage and install, and solutions that brings down loss insertion, as well as, return loss.

 Featured Connectors:

  • LC, UPC
  • LC, Duplex
  • LC/APC
  • MT-RJ
  • SC/APC, Cone & Step
  • MU
  • SC, Pre-DomedST
  • FC, Pre-Domed
  • FC/APC, Cone & Step
  • SMA 905
  • Mini FC/APC, Step
  • Mini FC/APC, Cone
  • Mini FC/UPC, Dome
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