Singlemode MIC Plenum-Rated Distribution Pigtail C

Singlemode MIC Plenum-Rated Distribution Pigtail C

Our Plenum-Rated Singlemode MIC (Multifiber Indoor Cable) Distribution Pigtail Cable Assemblies are perfectly designed for high-volume applications. Available in ST, LC, MU, FC, FC/APC, LC/APC, SC/APC, SMA 905, E-2000-UPC & E-2000-APC connector options.


Insertion Loss Specifications

Singlemode UPC Loss: < -0.25dB 
Singlemode APC Loss: < -0.35dB

Return Loss Specifications

Singlemode APC: < -65dB 
Singlemode UPC: < -55dB

Endface Geometry Specifications

APC radius of Curvature: 5-12mm 
UPC radius of Curvature: 10-25mm 
Offset: < 50um 
APC Angle: 8 degree +/- 0.5 degree 
Fiber height: +/- 50nm

Endface Surface Quality

Singlemode: No defects or scratches@ 400x magnification

Download SM (SMF-28e+) MIC Distribution Cable Assembly, Spec Sheet

Made with High Performance Corning fiber
Corning © SMF-28e+™ Optical Fiber, Spec Sheet

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