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Here you can find PFP's Specialty Single-mode optical Fiber which include Telecom, Short Wavelength, and High NA Singlemode Fibers.

These specialty fibers are superior in quality due to the precise nature of PFP's engineering.

PFP fibers will not leave you disappointed in your various fiber optic needs.

Single mode fiber optical cables are high in demand for the minimal modal noise, dispersion, and several other effects that can result from multimode transmission. These optical fibers are capable of carrying signals at very high speed as compared to multimode fibers. These are a perfect option for those who are looking for a standard option for long distance span or high data rates telecommunications taking place by using laser diode based fiber optic transmission devices.

We bring you, PFP’s Specialty’s Single-mode optical fiber that range from High NA Single mode fibers to Short Wavelength and Telecom single mode fiber. You may count on them for their more superior quality credits to the precise nature bestowed by PFP’s Engineering Team. You may use them for every purpose, you won't be disappointed and you might be coming back for more. If you have any specific needs, let us know, we will provide you with an answer to your request to best of our ability.

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